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What to Do When Your Child Has Lice
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What to Do When Your Child Has Lice

How to Treat Lice

Still, when lice show up on a child’s head, what’s a parent to do? For many, the hardest thing is the guilt and embarrassment that come with an infestation and the worry others will believe they are a dirty family with dirty kids.

If you find lice, experts advise treating them with medicated shampoos, there are some over the counter options but wont always solve the problem.

Check Everyone for Lice

Before treating one family member, check others in the household for bugs. Then treat everyone who’s infected at the same time, to avoid passing lice back and forth. Let close friends and schoolmates know to check their own heads. Parents should also wash bedding or clothing used by anyone with lice in the 48 hours before treatment to kill any lice that may have somehow come off a person’s hair. And though washing a favorite stuffed toy may make sense, extreme cleaning or quarantining of all toys and stuffed animals, while sometimes recommended, is not needed. If parents want to avoid washing everything, a few minutes in the dryer should kill them … but make it 20 just to be sure.”

Some nits are resistant to over-the-counter shampoos, so seeking professional help takes care of the problem easier and more thorough.

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